Frequently asked Questions

DeviceDrivers.org is an initiative to introduce a new concept for device driver automation. The idea is to have a design and development methodology that is SIMPLE, INTUITIVE, SCALABLE and TECHNOLOGY driven. The end objective is to reduce the COST, EFFORT and TIME involved in design, development and maintenance of device drivers across industry domains.

At the heart of this initiative is Vayavya Labs patented technology and code generation engine (DDGen). DeviceDrivers.Org is manifestation of our technology in the form of SaaS (software as a service). Going ahead we envisage a whole new approach for a Cloud Based device driver automation service.

DDGen (Device Driver Generator) is a software tool that powers DeviceDrivers.Org which automates device-drivers development. The tool improves the productivity of device driver developers (designers/programmers) by code generation. The driver developers are encouraged to focus on design details rather than implementation nitty-gritties.

As the name suggests, the tool helps in automatic generation of device drivers and low level software access methods for any device (IC/ASIC/SoC) on any given platform (Operating systems and Processor). DDGen tool generates device drivers by taking in two high level inputs, namely:

  • Device specification (IC specifications containing register specifications and programming sequences that are commonly given in the form of a device data sheet or programmers hand book).
  • Run Time environment specifications (software environment specified at very high level by an architect or designer).
    The device specifications and Run Time specifications are simple text files using a formal high level specification language.

The device specifications and Run Time specifications are simple text files using a formal high level specification language.

Create a login and start using the DDGen IDE (Integrated Development Environment). When you log-on for the first time a sample project workspace is created for you. Your project space also includes few example (reference) projects as a ready reference.

To generate a device driver :

  • You might upload a new project (inputs specification files, DPS & RTS files) and RUN the tool to generate the drivers OR
  • Use the existing project and modify the input specifications (DPS and RTS files) and RUN the tool to generate drivers

Once the driver is generated you might like to DOWNLOAD the entire project to your local machine for further use.

DDGen relies on two inputs namely Device and Programming Sequence (DPS, a formal specification developed by Vayavya Labs which is similar to Verilog or C language) of a device (ASIC/IC/SoC) and Run Time Software Specification¬Ě (RTS, expressed using certain Keywords and constructs). These two inputs are expected to provide all the details that a typical driver programmer would need while manually developing a device driver. Since the inputs are in a formal language a tool can interpret these inputs, make some intelligent decisions and then generate a ANSI C compliant driver code.
We generally do not publish the list of our customers. However we are happy to mention that Ricoh (Japan), Synopsys and Saankhya Labs are some of our esteemed customers and partners using the DDGen technology. We are also testing this technology with few prominent customers in the domain of EDA/ESL, semiconductors, Operating Systems and System Design firms. If you are keen to know more on this topic please email (support@devicedrivers.org).
With DeviceDrivers.Org we intend to reach every device driver developer and hobbyist in the world!. We would like the participation of device driver architects, developers, testers and maintainers. You will find our target audience at:

  • Semiconductor firms (IC/ASIC/SoC makers)
  • Silicon IP vendors
  • Operating System & Tool vendors
  • Embedded Design Services firms
  • Device driver Hobbyist and Freelancers

We are also looking for device Driver enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs, who are interested in promoting, contributing new technologies through developer communities.

Simplify and ease the device driver development across the technology domains. By enabling capture of the domain specific (hardware and software/environment) information in a formal way, at the time of design and implementation we are:

  • Eliminating the error prone methods of conveying information across IC design teams, verification and validation teams and software teams in a SoC firm.
  • Freeing up the designers time to think in the domain of architecture rather than worry about implementation domain
  • Bringing in a 10X productivity improvement for all driver development teams
DeviceDriver.Org is a platform that enables us to test and validate a new approach for device drivers design, development, maintenance and support. We would like proliferation of a new methodology across the ecosystem of hardware (silicon IP, SoC and System designers) and software (Operating system) vendors. We hope to deploy and champion a methodology acceptable by industry players so that everyone is benefitted.

We intend to offer the device driver development and drivers delivery as Software As a Service (SaaS model) using this portal. We would solicit inputs and feedback from developer community to improve our offerings.

Once you sign up you will get a dedicated point of contact for support. Alternatively you could always contact us in the following ways:

e-mail: support@devicedrivers.org Telephone: +91-831-246 3525 Fax: +91-831-421 2584